It is the initial stage that sets a tone for scope, vision and procedures that come to fruition later in the project. Our research team kicks off every project with a round of discovery. We ask, listen and learn the story, audience, goals and challenges of our client. This phase includes conversation, deep research whether it be about the client's brand, market, product or people. Through this, we are able to collect more inspirational data and material which may influence the overall concept of the video.


Based on the research work, we focus on the brand, audience and goals and then develop a concept note that would best narrate the story and its stylistic approach. Through this, we make a summary of the proposal for our client, which contains a brief idea about the project and its objectives to be pursued.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that we give the best quality and results for their money. We also make sure to scale the scope of work within the budget need of our client.


After concept note, our team works on script of the proposal. We work closely with the client to develop a messaging outline that provides a structure for the script. As we write, we bring in our learnings through research work - about the brand, story and tone defined by the concept. It is here, when we bring in the inspiration, humor or emotion that helps to connect the story with their unique audience, depending upon the needs and demands of our client. The format may vary from voice over to dialogue to written graphic titles.


We work parallelly on style and storyboard along with scriptwriting. After we receive the approval of the concept note from our client, we create a visual discovery where we develop a look for the video which will unfold shot by shot. We make imagery that matches the style we will capture in production. We also design graphic effects, if any, to bring the concept to life.


We select the cast depending upon the prestige of the role. We conduct series of auditions. We have many years of directing and production experience. We select the character and personality that fits in the role, according to the script so that the character becomes real and believable.


We make sure to select the location according to the demand of the script, as we know how important is the backdrop of a film, in order to bring style, realism and emotion. We also make sure to choose the budget friendly location.

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