We have a team of creative professional editors who work with the story, pacing, dialogue music as well as performances given by the actors to craft the film into a cohesive whole. They put all the shots into a proper sequence and make the film as a comprehensive whole unit. We also work on post-editing color correction that is actually a very important step in the complete process of film production.


Music is the anchor to a piece that drives the pace and emotion. Selection of music plays a vital role in making of the film. There are many routes to pairing a fantastic tune to the show, i.e. needle-drop, composing, paying known artists. We have countless music libraries that offer decent tracks that can accompany our client's video for a reasonable price. We've also worked with some amazing composers who can cater a track to fit perfectly with our client's visuals.


Graphical communication incorporates movement over time. After the rough edit of the work, we proceed on the motion graphics and animating phase. Since motion graphics and animation are costly to produce, it's best to have the overall edit defined as much as possible. When we are compositing graphics into live-action footage, we ask for a cut to be nearly final before we begin the process of incorporating graphics. We can always develop assets and even animated separately from the cut and then composite as one of the last steps to be sure the scene will not be changed or removed. It is during this graphics phase that we begin to really hone the style and look of the video.


We use this technique of colour matching and colour grading, to balance and match the colours throughout the film and also to give a certain tone and feeling to it. The ability to manipulate and color grade footage in post-production is directly related to the amount of "information" a camera records. Colour correction is sometimes overlooked craft but it can often make a difference between nice video and a stunning final project. We work on two main goals i.e normalizing the look and stylizing. Since shots are taken with different cameras at different locations, therefore, the footage varies. With the process of normalisation, it brings all the clips in-line with each other visually. With the secondary colour correction or the stylising phase, we work on colour, contrast, blur, vignettes of every scene of the film.


The last creative brushstroke that is put onto a film is the soundtrack. Some say sound is even more important than picture. The quality of sound is very important for any film. The poor sound quality drops the quality of picture. Without good audio, we lose our audience. We have team of skilled audio engineers, who work efficiently in this area. We use broadcast standards. We also have a surround sound mixing room. We focus on making the message of the story more memorable and meaningful by adding good and effective sound quality in the film.

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