With eleven years of experience in the field of production, Kavita Pathak is a keen and active participant in producing diverse range of documentaries, feature films, TVC’s and short films. Having been instrumental in shaping ‘Image & Creation’ since inception, she is the nerve centre of all activities in making of several successful productions. A keen learner and enthusiast, she leads the Company from the front. A Sociologist, who drifted into the field of creativity by way of creating and shaping ‘Image & Creation’ as it is today. With diverse field of interests, she is an experiential learner with hands on approach.



With over fourteen years of experience in the field of Film Production & Visual Communication coupled with over ten years of teaching experience in Mass Communication, Durgesh Pathak brought to the table the right blend of industry and academia, a combination that is hard to replicate. He published various papers on education and mass communication, and has also conducted various workshops. Several documentaries, movies, and government promotional films add to his credit. His genre of work includes video production film making, event management which has been appreciated by related stakeholders.


A sensitive creator and a person with wit, Romesh Chaturvedi is a distinct name in the field of creativity. During fourteen years of his experience, he has written many journals and has also produced short films and documentaries. Having both industry and freelance experience, Romesh has also handled international production work. His creative contributions have won him laureals and rewards. His two films ‘Searching Water’ (2011) and ‘Ye Jindgi…as the ice melts’ (a short feature film), (2012) were nominated for 6th International environment and wildlife Festival, 2011, and Dada Saheb Phalke film festival National Role respectively.


With a cumulative experience of twenty six years in mainline print media, IT magazine, PR organisations and academics, Rudra Kanti Roy has worked as an Asst. Editor in Dataquest group (Cyber Media) andis also credited with many new initiatives both in print and electronic media. He is a keen learner and has diverse interests in the sociological and historical incidents that have shaped and inspired the human existence. He has written extensively on wide range IT spectrum and has also worked as A PR Consultant for several blue-chip companies. He also writes regularly for a blog www.joyofhaving.blogspot.com and has also launched two media blog-sites www.edufourthestate.com, www.itfourthestate.com, dedicated to education sector and IT industry respectively.

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