"Image and Creation" was set up in 2006 as a "Film Making and Broadcasting" company. It is a unique concept of "Film Production Centre" in Lucknow with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. Ever since its journey started, it became a company that offers total solutions in film making, be it documentary film, corporate film, fiction and others in the same genre.

The organization is highly efficient at organizing and coordinating shoots and make sure to prioritize and organize workload to meet a strict deadline. Being enthusiastic and creative, the company believes in growing through new and innovative ideas and concepts with a fresh approach. With the passage of time, the company has accumulated wealth of experience and highly qualified and talented professionals.

The various functional departments within "Image and Creation" includes Directorial department, Cinematography/Photography under the DOP, Script writing, editing and various functions associated therein. Our team comprises of Pre-production, Production, Post-production teams.


  • To make commercial and non- commercial filmmaking viable.
  • Brand building and promotion.
  • To fulfil creative needs.
  • To provide public relation services.
  • To promote entrepreneurship.
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